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Real Insights. Real Engagement. Real Time.

Swytchback™ takes traditional online surveys to the next level.  By collecting real-time insights across a platform built to engage, Swytchback delivers brands, product marketers, and agencies immediate actionable data that provides deep and real-time feedback on customer preferences.  Our format achieves completion rates a 4x the industry average, in a matter of hours not weeks, and at a much lower costs than competing methodologies.  Leading global brands use Swythcback to meet their needs for fast insights in an agile development environment.

Why Swytchback

Swytchback's mobile-first, gesture-based interface engages mobile audiences in an environment they know and trust across all digital channels. Gather insights from audiences that won't engage with traditional toolsets. Tap into consumer insights in market, using the same high-quality visual assets that drive consumer purchasing in the mobile and digital world.

How Swytchback Works

Swytchback™ is a patent-pending consumer insights platform empowering brands to learn from, interact with, and connect directly with their customer audiences across all digital and social platforms.

Increased Engagement

Immerse your customers in your existing media assets and increase target transactions.

Actionable Insights

Glean and analyze real time, segment and touchpoint specific insights to ensure that your offerings align with your customers contextual needs.

Build Intelligence

Cultivate individual level data on product and customer success factors, and monitor trends to stay a step ahead of evolution in the marketplace.

Get To Know Swytchback's Key Benefits

Individualized Data

Build audience intelligence on an individual level to understand what demographics comprise your current and future customer segments.

Increased Transactions

Swytchback is the most engaging platform on the market, with sky-high completion rates that allow for customer activation.

Lightning Fast Results

Results roll up realtime and include full geographic data.

Customize Recommendations

With individual level customer data, we provide highly targeted product recommendations. Recommend product x for demographic y, or individual z.

Allocate Accurately

Together with your consumer merchandisers and marketers, we can help predict the inventory levels you need to respond quickly to changing demand patterns.

Price Strategically

Test price points to understand which ones open up new customer segments are willing to pay more for your products.

Swytchback Helps You Get It Right.

Simple, Fast, and Effective for Brands and Customers Alike.

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Intuitive Gamified Interactions

Developed in conjunction with the Stanford Product Realization Lab, Swytchback’s mobile interface is engineered to capture consumer preferences simply and intuitively. Through utilization of an intuitive gesture driven mechanism, tied directly to immersive visual content, Swytchback increases consumer engagement with brands.

Individualized Data

Swytchback pairs our unique mobile-optimized and gamified survey interface with customizable analytics tools. Swytchback is also engineered to easily integrate into existing mobile interfaces, ad networks, and incentive programs allowing for more specific consumer targeting.

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